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RainDrops is inspired by that feeling after a summer rainstorm in Africa. In Africa we love the rain, even though some parts see less rain than most parts of the world.
Our summers rains bring the smell of Earth, the smell of grass, the smell of clean, the smell of hope. We honour the rain as a critical part of the circle of life, we even have Rain Queens and rain dances that are meant to call the rain. Rain is a sign of good fortune, good luck and renewal.

Our hope is that each bottle of our products gives you a sense of renewal and hope for the future, which starts with fresh beginnings.

RainDrops Eco Dishwash
Aloe Drops & Lemon Drops 1Litre

Formulated with botanically-derived surfactants and actives that have less of an impact on our aquatic systems, environment as well as our lived environment.

RainDrops Anti-Germ
Citrus & Vinegar

Formulated with deep cleaning surfactants as well as actives that kill 99.9% of known bacterial and viral germs.

RainDrops Anti-Germ Handwash
Citrus & Apple Cider Vinegar

Formulated with conditions surfactants that kill 99.9% germs on hands and leave hands feeling clean and soft.

RainDrops Hand & Surface Sanitiser
250ml, 1 Litre and 20 Litre

Formulated using 70% alcohol and germ-killing chlorhexidine and teat tree oil, to sanitize hands and surfaces including objects such as keys, tabletops, car-steering wheels, keyboards, cellphones - everything we touch very often.

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